Since God has commissioned the St. John Pastoral Retreat Ministry to teach his people what it means to be a mature Christian, and raise them up to be mature Christians (i.e. 18 years old in the spirit), the Ministry's main focus will be the following:

  1. Create and maintain this web page in order to make the teaching available at no cost to God's people;
  2. Be available to teach and minister these truths to individuals, churches, home church groups, home school groups, and any others who are interested. This includes travelling to meet with others at their location and hosting ministry events here in San Antonio, Texas until such time as the Retreat is operational.
  3. Once the Retreat is operational, its main focus will be to reach the current leaders of the Body of Christ - in particular its Pastors, because by reaching them, the work can be spread and be disseminated to the Body of Christ must faster and more effectively.
  4. Create and operate a safe, idyllic resort on the Island of St. John, USVI, a modern-day Patmos and Garden of Eden, where Pastors (ex-Pastors, existing Pastors, future Pastors, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, and Teachers, and others called by God to exercise His authority within the Body of Christ) and their families will stay, at zero cost to themselves, for a period of at least 40 consecutive days in order to be sequestered from their “normal lives” and its demands and responsibilities so they can rest, enjoy recreation and good food, seek God and His revelation of Jesus Christ that He desires to provide them, with a targeted focus and emphasis on completely and thoroughly understanding the material presented in the e-book Jesus' Love Message to His Bride, and applying it to their lives.

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